We are sitelynx an international performance marketing company based in Shoreditch, London.
We specialize in delivering multilingual digital marketing campaigns across over 50 countries across the world. Our SEO, PPC, Social, Display, Affiliate and Outreach campaigns are brand consistent but relevant to local tastes and focused on generating marketing qualified leads or eCommerce sales.
We seek to deepen your relationship with your Customer delivering stronger brand loyalty and increasing sales.

What We Do

sitelynx has 3 parts:

The Agency – Prefer a full service performance marketing option? We manage single channel campaigns in Pay Per Click (PPC), Social Media, Affiliates and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for a fee. But specialize in running multi-channel digital marketing campaigns balancing the budget across multiple digital channels to hit a sales plan and your cost of sale. For online eCommerce & lead generation we will work on a performance basis.

The Consultancy – If you already have a digital marketing team in place but feel you are not getting traction in your market place or have a particular technical challenge to get over. From website conversion optimization and commissioning through to developing a digital marketing strategy and correct investment levels for the channels, The Consultancy can help.

Training Courses – If you already have a digital team in place but want to increase their skill levels then we provide a broad range of bespoke digital training. Need a continuous professional development (CPD) program then we can work through the Chartered Institute of Marketing to deliver what you require.

Who We Are

We understand that the ever changing complexity of the internet, can be a frustration to business owners and marketeers. We appreciate that not everyone is a technical expert, or that they even want to be one! So we keep our conversation focused on business impacts and what really moves your bottom line. Keeping the technology as a tool to achieve business objectives rather than doing digital marketing for the sake of it.

We are a highly experienced mature team from all areas of business.
Our focus for 18 years has been “profit by being found” for our clients, and we want to do the same for your business


Graham Hansell – Founder & Managing Director

Graham has built a formidable reputation as a leading authority on the planning, implementing and future direction of search and social marketing.

He is currently the Course Director for The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), running courses on Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Search Marketing and Social Media for the CIM.

Graham’s strategic input and market guidance has enabled his clients to maximise on the commercial benefits of search and digital media. His long standing philosophy that “Profit by being Found” and methodology of planning across the Owned, Paid & Earned online media has enabled his client’s to accomplish swift Return on their marketing Investment.


Peter Loleit – Head of SEO & Technology

Peter has been working in Search Engine Marketing since 1998 with various customers in Retail, B2B, Finance, Travel and Publishing. He heads up a dual role of Head Of Technology and SEO, managing web technology and SEO programs at all levels.

A specialist in SEO consultancy particularly for new website builds, migrations and retail e-commerce, mobile e-commerce and conversion process optimisation.

An Advocate for Web Analytics with extensive exposure to the majority of the market leading web analytics applications
Affiliated with CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) teaching courses on Web Analytics, Google Analytics and Advanced SEO.


Louise Garrett – Head of Agency

Louise joined Sitelynx in 2005.

As head of agency, Louise is responsible for management of all resources at Sitelynx, be they animal, vegetable or mineral, in order to ensure that our clients get the service that they need.

Louise has more than ten years of experience in various above-the-line agencies, from Ogilvy and Mather to HHCL. She has also spent five years working client side, initally with Go and most recently for Easyjet as UK Market Manager.


Kim Pham – Head of Paid Search

Kim joined Sitelynx in June 1998.

Throughout his years at Sitelynx, Kim has executed online marketing solutions for companies ranging from SMEs to global corporate and blue chip companies in the US, Australia, Scandinavia and the UK.

With over 8 years of knowledge and experience in data-mining, web analytics and search engine marketing, Kim has helped businesses to improve the alignment of products and services with their online audience, optimise their CMS and online portfolios for maximum web exposure to their target market, refine on-site usability and achieve better ROI through tactical web marketing projects.

Whilst Kim spends most of his time keeping up to date with ever-evolving search technologies and content management/delivery systems, he also enjoys online multiplayer gaming, participation within online discussions and creating websites.